Covid-19 Response

THE THIRD FLOOR is happy to report that all of its employees are safe and working remotely. Our operations in LA, Atlanta, and London are fully operational due to our ability to work in a distributed manner from home.

 A special thanks to our IT, production departments and clients for making this technological feat possible. Please continue to stay safe. TTF is online and ready to support you throughout this difficult time.

THE THIRD FLOOR started out in 2004 on the principle that we create a company of artists, for artists. Our founders are still hands-on and work as artists, supervisors and creative directors. 

We use the virtual world to imagine, plan and problem solve for stories in games, film, television, VR and themed attractions. Working closely with your directors, producers and key leads, we bring specialized skills to storytelling and animation.

Through our collaboration, we create digital versions of your titles visual narrative to streamline and plan your titles development.

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Virtual Production

Virtual Production Our iterative, nonlinear virtual production workflow merges virtual environments and characters with your physical production. We use imagery and 3D spatial data generated during previs to provide services such as virtual location scouting and on-set visualization.


Previsualization or Previs  for short, is the foundation of the complete Visualization Process. It’s a virtual sandbox for Creative Directors and Leads to rapidly explore ideas, including staging, composition, editing, lighting and environmental aspects, long before the final content is made. Previs for Games gives the Game Director, Art Leads and Production incredible foresight in what the final content of your game or trailer cinematics will deliver; they can rapidly refine the delivery exploring ideas to hone the final narrative and then ingest the final version into their game engine, so it provides the in game template to iterate on.


Pitchvis is a fantastic communication tool. It is an animation that conveys the scope, artistic style, gameplay goals and narrative aspirations.

It enables directors and designers to quickly produce an animated preview of their “take” on an IP, to convey the vision both internally and externally. Compelling Pitchvis instils confidence in the development team and encourages stakeholders to support and ultimately green-light projects.

Storyboards + Animatics

Storyboards are a great foundation to build from. To kick off the visualization process, our storyboard artist imagery defines the story beats for each scene. Whilst not essential to the our other services, they can be a time saving initial step in conveying the visual goals of the project.

Animatics take storyboards to the next level and will begin to convey the character and camera motion. The editorial department cuts the storyboard shots into animatics for review, providing you with a roughly timed first look at the sequence.